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Why Our Jumpstart Program Is Like Squeezing a Year’s Worth Of Training In 3 Months

We signed up another new client last week and during our initial conversation, I was walking her through our Jumpstart process as we do for all new clients.

Although we’ve been doing this for years, it was the first time she had ever run into a program like ours that focused so much on creating lasting habits rather than just quick results.
We’ve been doing it this way for so long that I’ve started to take it for granted that people know our system.
For those that haven’t yet experienced it or for those that need a refresher, here’s what the Virtuo Jumpstart system is and how it helps our clients get results faster and build habits that last a lifetime.

When clients come to work with us they have fitness goals, but underneath those goals are fundamental needs and wants like wanting to live a long healthy life, wanting to feel confident in their body, and wanting to be proud of themselves.

We know that creating those outcomes for our clients starts with a fundamental shift in their habits and the way they view themselves.

We know that success for our clients comes down to 3 main things:

1. Vision – A client and their coach have to know the dream outcome in order for us to construct the journey.

2. The why – All goals have a deeper meaning and our ability to tap into that meaning allows us to get clients truly transformative results.
3. A plan that works for them – We know that everyone is different and means each client needs a plan created for their needs and a guide that understands how to keep them on track.

Unlike a typical gym where a trainer might put together some random workouts, our success is derived from using a proven system for change that’s based on an understanding of human behavior.

When people start working with us they need to make changes in three areas…

Their workouts,

Their eating,

And their mindset and habits.

The Jumpstart system addresses all of these areas simultaneously in a three-step process designed to help create lasting habits.

Many workout and nutrition plans that our clients have tried in the past miss the mark because they only address one or two of these areas, but after helping hundreds of clients over the years lose weight and build confidence, we know it takes all three.

That’s why from day one of working with us a client is put into the following system…

They are assigned to work with a personal coach who will guide their workouts and hold them accountable so they never fall off

And they will work with our nutritionist and behavior coach who will teach them how to eat so they have more energy than they have in years and teach them habit-shifting strategies so it becomes easier and easier to make the best choices.

Then we will track every measure of progress along the way to make adjustments on a daily basis so no ounce of effort is every wasted for our clients. It is a system that learns and grows with the client as they progress.

What really makes these 3 step approach work is two main factors.

First, with a personal coach to walk every step of the way, this is a no-fail proposition for anyone willing to put in the work.

And second, with our tracking app and our behavior coach, we guide clients through the 23 hours they’re not in the gym which is usually where things fall off for people.

So what does life look like after 90 days on the Jumpstart Program?

The science of habit change and our experience working with clients shows us that this is the perfect amount of time to put in place lasting habits.

That means that by 90 days these clients are working out consistently, eating a healthy and personalized diet, and best of all feeling confident and in control of themselves.

Outwardly we see clients lose as much as 25 lbs in this first 90 days, but better than that, by that time they’re doing all of the above like it’s second nature.

We know that transformative results come from supportive coaching and a proven system.
That’s why all our clients start with our Jumpstart Progam.

So who is the Jumpstart Program for?

This program is perfect for anyone who’s taken some time off from the gym and wants to get back into a routine in the right way. Or, perfect for someone who’s been trying for years to lose weight or tone up without success.

We’ve seen transformative results time and time again for people who feel like they’ve tried everything before.

Here’s the catch though.
This program only works for people that are committed to change.

At Virtuo we only have one requirement for our clients; you have to be willing to change yourself.
If you’re finally ready to lose that weight, get out of pain or just feel confident in your and then the Jumpstart Program is a perfect fit for you.

Here’s what you need to do next.

Book a no-sweat intro with one of our coaches 👉 here.

We will outline exactly how the program would work for your situation and then if we feel like we can help, we’ll invite you into the program and start changing your life forever.

One more thing to consider for anyone who’s on the fence about making a change.

How much longer can you stand to be unhappy with the way you look and feel?
What will happen if you don’t take action?

Your health and your self-confidence are something you deserve. It’s time you did something for you.
We created this program for people like you to change your life.

Let us help you become the version of you you’ve always wanted to be!

– Brandon



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