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The three reasons you’re not losing weight and how to fix it right now…

The three reasons you’re not losing weight and how to fix it right now…

The three reasons you’re not losing weight and how to fix it right now.

Struggling to lose weight is the #1 complaint I hear from clients but it doesn’t have to be that hard…

The story usually goes something like this.

You set out to lose weight.

You start exercising and eating “better”

You begin to lose weight and feel on track.

After a while progress slows.

You double down and eat even “better” and exercise more

But weight loss plateaus or goes in the wrong direction.

You gets discouraged, call it quits and end up gaining all the weight back and more only to start again months later.

Sound familiar?

This is the story for people time and time again, but it doesn’t have to be this hard.

You can lose weight consistently, avoid frustration all with less effort if you just follow my three rules.

While a complex topic, the reason most people aren’t losing weight comes down to three reasons.

And surprise it has nothing to do with hormones, food intolerances or a lack of trying.

The real answer is a lot simpler, which is good news for this trying to lose weight.

Because each of these three reasons you aren’t losing weight can be fixed TODAY!

Check this out…

The three reasons you’re not losing weight..

1. You don’t have a good enough reason – losing weight is hard, there’s no getting around it. So if you’d only “like” to lose a few pounds then that’s not enough reason to take your effort seriously. For transformational weight loss you need a goal that goes beyond just dropping a few pounds on the scale such as long term health, being capable of doing your favorite activity again or showing up your ex 😉

2. You don’t have a system – eating better and going to the gym are tools in the weight loss tool cut but like any successful business or sports team you need a system that works even when you don’t want to. Too many people try to rely on fickle willpower rather than building a system that is almost effortless and works even on their worst days.

3. You’re not being held accountable – consistency is key with weight loss and if you’re not seeing progress it’s most likely because you’re not doing the right things often enough. Without a system of accountability in place or better yet a coach to hold you to your commitments, the average person will inevitable let themselves down.

I’m willing to bet all three of the above reasons have been at play in your previous failed weight loss attempts.

But here’s how to turn things around today for good…

1. Come up with a reason to lose that weight that really matters to you – Maybe it’s gaining confidence in yourself to ask for that promotion or you want to be able to keep up with your kids. Whatever the reason you decide to lose weight needs to transcend the number on the scale. The problem you are trying to solve is living a better life, losing weight is just the process to get there.

Right now spend 10 minutes asking why you want to lose weight and writing down your answers. Keep asking why until you get to your deepest why. Write that down and look at it daily.

2. Create a system – Motivation comes and goes, systems don’t fail. Decide on how you will track food intake, workouts and progress. Write out your system into a daily checklist that you will fill in. Even at your most tired you should be able to check all the boxes.

For help in building such a system, make sure to book a free strategy session with one of our expert coaches by clicking here In just 30 minutes they will help you outline your own version of the system we’ve used to help hundreds of clients lose thousands and thousands of pounds.

3. Find someone to hold you accountable – We humans are social creatures and we will fail ourselves long before failing someone who is invested in us. This is why people who hire a coach or personal trainer or get and accountability partner lose far more weight than those who don’t. We might be biased but we can’t think of a better way to ensure success than an expert who is personally invested in your success.

Brainstorm one or two people in your life that keep you to your word or start a conversation with one of our coaches here.

Weight loss falls under the category of simple but not easy.

When people fail to reach their weight loss goals they often blame themselves creating guilt until they give it another failed attempt.

Get out of the loop by fixing the three mistakes you’ve made in the past.

There’s a reason Virtuo Personal Training clients reach their goals after so many times failing on their own and it comes down to the three steps outlined above.

If you have any questions remember to comment below, send us a message or book a free strategy session with one of our expert coaches here.

P.S. Here’s some of the results our system has gotten for our clients.

As always, take care of your body, feed your mind and go after your dreams!




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