I initially approached Brandon for help shedding some extra body fat. After undoing my preconceived notions about “dieting,” we developed an effective and sustainable program and I started seeing immediate results. I’d been trying to lose weight my whole life, and nothing worked until I found Virtuo. Brandon’s wisdom and knowledge about nutrition and fitness have been invaluable on my journey!


For the last year, Brandon has been coaching me and I have to say the results have been amazing. Like most people, I’ve been a yo-yo dieter and follow every lose weight and feel great trend, of course, none of them stuck and I was back at square one but, with Brandon’s guidance, I’ve managed to lose weight and keep it off. The thing I love most about him is your goals become his goals and he is there to cheer you on every step of the way, with his encouragement I finally had the confidence to enter my first powerlifting meet. The meals that he plans out for you are super easy and quick to make which is a bonus because let’s face it meal prepping is for the birds hahaha You should definitely do yourself a favor and reach out to him.


I met Brandon back in college and we hit it off! 10 years later I found myself struggling with my diet and ability to manage my time and wanted to get back on track to the collegiate athlete that i once was. I reached out to Brandon who quickly evaluated my needs and set a plan into place. My overall goal was to lose the excess fat I put on and to love a healthier lifestyle… needless to say in 4 months I shed 35 lbs and formed some great habits that I am going to continue for the foreseeable future. Brandon was really responsive during our time together, very knowledgeable, and easy to work with. Brandon is truly the only person I would seek for advice in the fitness field and truly appreciate what he has done for me!!!


I can’t say enough good things about Brandon! He fine tunes your nutrition to your needs. I have seen results from the first week of starting his program, if you put in the work you will get results!! He keeps you accountable and is very responsive. He knows his sh*t!! Also, just a dope human all around. Don’t even think about it just do it, it’s worth it!


It’s been a little under a year now that I’ve been working with Brandon and I must say it has been such a pleasure working with someone who pushes me to my max. He created a custom food plan that fits my busy schedule , particular body and keeps me accountable to hitting my goals! I’ve also been suffering with a knee pain for over two years now and not knowing  exactly why and where its been coming From. After some just minor tweaks in my stretches and specific tailored workouts, I’ve been having less pain on my knees! I can’t say enough about this guy, he really knows his stuff! Definitely reach out if you are serious on reaching your fitness goals!!!


Brandon is the best and so is his programming! He is always quick to get back to me with any questions I have about the workouts or nutrition. I am very happy with the results I’ve had and look forward to putting in more time with Brandon’s programming!


I’ve been working out with Brandon for over a year now and he’s an exceptional trainer. I appreciate that he’s knowledgeable about the body, nutrition, and a healthy mindset. I’ve been working out with him for a year and have gained 10lbs of muscle and lost 5% body fat. Before training with him, I was worried about finding the right fit with a trainer. I couldn’t be happier than to have connected with Brandon. I recommend him without hesitation.


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