Small Group Personal Training in Los Angeles, CA

Unite in Fitness with Small Group Personal Training

Discover the perfect blend of personal training and group energy at Virtuo Personal Training in Beverly Grove. 

Located just a stone’s throw from La Brea, our facility offers small group personal training sessions that combine the benefits of individualized attention, nutrition coaching, and the team atmosphere of working out in a group setting. 

Why Choose Our Small Group Personal Training Program?

Our small group personal training program is designed for those who want the best of both worlds: personalized training and the energy of a group setting. 

With expert guidance from our certified trainers, included nutrition coaching, and a vibrant community atmosphere, we make your fitness journey collaborative, exciting, and highly effective.

With our program, you can expect:

A supportive and motivating training environment

We focus on creating a dynamic group environment that fosters both individual growth and team spirit. 

Every session is tailored to ensure you get the most out of your workout, all while enjoying the camaraderie of like-minded individuals.

Experience the Benefits of Small Group Personal Training:


At Virtuo Personal Training, our Small Group Personal Training sessions offer a unique fitness experience right in Beverly Grove.

Contact us now to embark on a collaborative fitness journey. A Virtuo Personal Training team member will be in touch soon!

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