How to stay feeling beach confident all summer

Summer is nearly upon us and while you may be headed to the beach or not it’s still a great feeling to know you’d look good there with your shirt off.

But summer also comes with many challenges to maintaining a body you’ll feel confident in including BBQs, increased alcohol consumption and travel that can throw off your routine. Luckily these are easily overcome with a little planning. Keep reading to see how we address the common challenges our clients face each summer.

1. Disrupted Routine Due to Travel and Vacations

Challenge: Summer is a popular time for vacations, which often means traveling and a break from normal routines. This disruption can lead to missed workouts, irregular meal patterns, and difficulty maintaining a consistent fitness regimen.

Solution: Planning is key to staying on track while traveling. Before leaving, research fitness facilities or running paths at your destination. Pack portable exercise equipment like resistance bands or a jump rope to ensure you can work out anywhere.

Additionally, make sure to get a travel program from your coach and respond to check in requests. It’s much easier to stay consistent than it is to fall off and have to start over when you get back from a trip.

2. Increased Social Activities and Temptations

Challenge: Summer is synonymous with barbecues, picnics, and social gatherings, which often feature calorie-dense foods and alcoholic beverages. These events can make it difficult to adhere to a healthy eating plan, leading to potential weight gain and a setback in fitness goals.

Solution: Approach social events with a balanced mindset. Prioritize healthy eating by filling your plate with vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains before indulging in treats.

Practice portion control and savor your food slowly to enjoy it without overindulging. When it comes to alcohol, moderation is crucial; opt for lower-calorie options like wine or light beer and alternate with water to stay hydrated. It’s also helpful to bring a healthy dish to share, ensuring there’s at least one nutritious option available. Staying active during social events, such as organizing group activities like beach volleyball or hiking, can also help counterbalance extra calorie intake.

As prescribed by our coaches, food tracking is a great way to stay mindful about your Calories and ensure that you’re not eating more than you think.

3. Lack of Structure and Routine

Challenge: The relaxed nature of summer can lead to a lack of structure, making it easy to skip workouts and veer off a regular exercise schedule. The absence of routine can result in decreased motivation and consistency.

Solution: Establishing a summer-specific fitness schedule can help maintain structure. Set clear, realistic goals for the season, such as running a certain number of miles per week or completing a specific number of workouts. Incorporate fun, seasonal activities into your fitness plan, like swimming, paddleboarding, or outdoor yoga, to keep things interesting and enjoyable. Use a calendar or fitness app to schedule workouts, treating them as non-negotiable appointments.

Sit down with your coach and map out any upcoming travel ahead of time so they can help you plan accordingly by providing you with travel workouts.

Additionally, find a workout buddy or join a summer fitness challenge to stay accountable and motivated. By creating a structured plan and integrating enjoyable activities, you can maintain consistency and progress throughout the summer months.

You’ve worked hard all year to build a physique that will make you feel proud this summer, don’t throw it all away by getting out of your routine. Follow the above steps to make sure you’re on track during the upcoming months!

And if you need help getting started, make sure to click the button below and book a get-to-know-you call to see how our coaches can make losing weight, toning up and feeling confident easy and simple for you.

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