How to Stay Athletic In Your 30’s And Beyond

You’ve probably head the phrase 30 is the new 20, but as someone who has been an athlete his whole life I can assure you this does not apply to how my body feels after a flag football game or a a weekend of hiking.
The aches and pains start creeping up and it get’s harder and hard to do the things I enjoy. This all came to a breaking point about two years ago when I hurt my back surfing and was out of commission for about 6 months.
Being unable to play tennis, flag football and hike was rough, but the experience of rehabbing forced me to take a different approach as I got healthy and it’s changed everything for our Virtuo clients Sean.
Keep reading to see what has made the biggest change….
“As part of my rehab process from the back injury I hired a personal trainer at Virtuo to help me get back to how I was before I had gotten injured.

Although I went in looking for help with my back, the trainer quickly notice some glaring issues with my hips that had probably led to the back injury in the first place.
Knowing that it was my goal to get back to the things I loved he proposed we start training specifically for those sports.
This was a far cry from the basic weight training I had been doing before and much more like how I had trained as an athlete in college.

He asked my why I was training like a bodybuilder if I was trying to go out on the weekend and be an athlete.
I had not though of it that way but it made total sense.
By following his process and working with him twice a week I’ve not only rehabbed my back but I’ve seen big improvements during flag football season this past year.
Best of all I made it through the season without a single injury which was a first.
My body and focus has completely changed and I feel like and athlete again.
I only wish I had made this choice sooner.”

Sean’s experience is typical for someone who is in their 30’s and trying to play rec sports on the weekends. No training or training incorrectly can make the injuries and missed time pile up

But it doesn’t have to be that way….

Personal training can be an incredibly helpful way to stay healthy and optimize performance in your thirties, so you can stay active and enjoy activities such as hiking, surfing, flag football and basketball. As one gets older, the body begins to naturally slow down. That doesn’t mean that outdoor fun and staying fit is out of the question – hiring a personal trainer is a great way for busy professionals in their thirties to remain athletic and still do all the things they did in their twenties.

A personal trainer can help you gain an understanding of how your body is changing with age and develop a personalized workout program suited exactly to you and your sport of choice. This will give you the best chance of avoiding injuries as well as maximizing results. Moreover, having a personal trainer will ensure that proper technique is used during each exercise; something that is key when it comes to maintaining optimal form while building strength, endurance, balance and flexibility.

Furthermore, working with a personal trainer guarantees accountability which can be tough to achieve on one’s own. Having someone who keeps track of your progress can go a long way towards helping you stay motivated throughout all stages of your fitness journey – especially when it’s hard to find time due to work commitments or family obligations. All in all, opting for personal training allows you to get maximum benefit from each workout so that you can enjoy activities like hiking and surfing without worrying about getting injured or not being able to keep up with friends in their teens or twenties.

For those looking for more than just physical activity though – professional trainers are also excellent sources of mental health support too! They are highly experienced individuals who know how important mental health is when it comes to leading an active lifestyle and striving towards goals; offering advice on dealing with stress or anxiety while providing encouragement along the way. From setting SMART goals (Specific Measurable Achievable Relevant Time-bound) to providing nutritional guidance – trainers can provide everything needed for thirty-somethings keen on investing in themselves, their bodies and minds simultaneously!

To summarize: hiring a personal trainer in your thirties provides an array of benefits – from helping you understand how the body is changing with age; teaching proper technique; developing tailored programs specifically for your sport; giving personalized nutrition advice; ensuring accountability; providing mental health support – there’s no doubt that opting for professional training will help busy professionals optimize performance so they can continue doing fun things like flag football and basketball into their mid-thirties (and beyond!).

If you’re interested in seeing what this process would look like for you then book a no sweat intro with us and one of our master trainers will take you through a Functional Movement Screen to show you exactly how to prevent you next injury and improve performance.
Book your intro here 👉 No Sweat Intro
We’ll make sure to help you just like we helped Sean.



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