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How to overcome your fear of the gym and get results

Kim is one of our favorite clients, but she almost never set foot in our studio.

Here’s what happened…

Kim was a busy real estate agent. She’d recently had her first baby and now 3 months after giving birth, she was ready to get her pre-baby body back. 

The only problem was that she hated the gym.

It had all started in high school when after she gained some weight during the summer her mom forced her to go to the gym every day after school. 

Kim didn’t know what to do and was intimidated by the people there who seemed so fit so after her mom dropped her off she would hide in the locker room until her mom returned to pick her up. 

Things didn’t get better after college when Kim moved to Los Angeles and joined a boot camp gym to meet people. 

Rather than making friends, she got the cold shoulder from the other members due to being new and after a couple weeks of struggling to keep up with the fast pace and pumping music she gave up and stopped going.

To add insult to injury the gym locked her into a year contract and continued to charge her for the rest of the year. 

So when Kim reached out she was nervous about being let down yet again, but after reading all of our reviews on Google she was encouraged and took the plunge.

Right away when Kim stepped through the door we could tell she wasn’t comfortable in a gym setting. 

Even after a warm greeting from staff and several clients, she had trouble making eye contact and seemed much more at ease once we had stepped into the office and closed the door.

During her no-sweat intro, Kim shared her past experience and laid out what she hoped to get from working with us.

As always I really worked to listen and help identify her biggest concerns. 

Like many people who are new to the gym, it came down to 3 big worries.

First that she would be treated like an outsider by our existing members and scared off.

Second that we would move too quickly and just give her a once size fits all program that wouldn’t work for her body.

And third that if things didn’t work out that we would just keep all her money and give her the cold shoulder.

Based on her past experience I understood completely where she was coming from.

As trust is fundamental to helping a client change I took the time to address each of Kim’s concerns one by one.

First I reminded Kim that when she walked in the door she had been greeted by 3 members right away which she admitted was much different than her past gym experiences.

I shared that community was one of the 3 pillars of our system and that meant that not only would our select group of members be on a first-name basis with her, but she would also be invited to our monthly member events.

Kim had also experienced the one size fits all boot camp world and with the changes her body had recently gone through was worried our program wouldn’t work for her.

I share that the beauty of our 30/60/90 system was that it was completely customized to her. 

Our belief is that all people are unique and have unique needs when it comes to what will help their body change so our one on one system is built on the belief that we must first meet clients where they are to get them to where they want to be.

I reassured Kim that she would be on the “Kim program” from her very first day.

Lastly, Kim was concerned that we would overpromise and underdeliver leaving her with no results.

Having had this experience myself with coaches I understood where Kim was coming from.

No one wants to waste their hard-earned money and hope on something that doesn’t work. 

That’s the exact reason we create the Virtuo guarantee for all our clients.

We guarantee that if a client follows the program we create for them to a T and doesn’t see the results we promise then we will continue to work with them for free.

After an hour of covering everything Kim could expect, she told me she would need some time to think about things before committing.

Although I knew we were the best fit for her, I also knew Kim’s past and wanted to give her the time to think things through.

We scheduled a follow-up call for the following Tuesday.

On Monday I got a call from Kim.

She was in.

She appreciated the fact I hadn’t tried to rush the process for her and although she was still nervous she felt excited to start.

That was 4 months ago.

So how have things gone for Kim since?

She’s been in the studio with her coach 3 days per week without missing a single day.

She’s taken what she learned from her nutritionist and now has her husband eating on the same healthy plan she is.

And not only has she lost the baby weight, but she’s 5 lbs lighter than before she got pregnant and has started to see tone in her arms that she’s never had before.

Best of all, Kim has become a regular at our monthly community events and is an active member in our private client group.

As a new mom, she shared that having an outlet that’s just hers has been really important for her mental health.

We couldn’t be more proud of her!

Kim’s story isn’t uncommon.

Many people get scared away from the gym because of bad experiences, but it doesn’t have to be that way. 

It’s why we’ve built success for our clients on 3 pillars.

1. Community – Feeling welcomed and a part of something bigger than yourself doubles results.

2. Personalized approach – Everyone is different so in order to get results we meet clients where they are and create a custom path to their goals.

3. Integrity – We don’t make promises we can’t keep and we believe so strongly in what we do that if clients don’t see the results we promise we continue to coach them for free if we need to.

If you’re 100% ready for change but are like Kim and haven’t had the best experience in the past then we want to help.

Do something for yourself and book a no-sweat intro.

The session is complimentary and we’ll help you understand exactly what you need to do to see results without pressuring you to sign up.

If you want info on our programs we’re happy to share but if you just want to take what we give you and get results on your own then you’re more than welcome to do that too.

Book your no-sweat intro here 👉 NO SWEAT INTRO
We look forward to meeting you!

Brandon and the Virtuo team



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