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How To Make 2023 Your Year

Don’t make 2023 another year of false promises and failed commitments.

As the New Year rolls around again, it’s time to brace ourselves for the well intentioned pronouncements that this will be the year you finally drop those habits that have been holding you back and achieve your wildest dreams.

But didn’t you say the same thing last year?

And the year before that?

Don’t worry though, you’re not alone.

Most people ditch their New Year’s resolutions well before Easter. 

I for example made the commitment to cut back on my  Netflix habit in 2022.

The fact that I’ve completely run out of shows to watch this month tells you how well I did with that commitment. 

While I may not have curbed my streaming habit as much as I wanted to, I did hit many of my 2022 goals such as opening a new fitness studio, traveling abroad for a month out of the year and laying the groundwork for a new business to launch in 2023. 

So just like you I’m left to ponder and reflect on why I achieved some, but not all of my intended goals for this year.

Unlike you though, I do this for a living and over the past ten years have helped hundreds of people set and accomplish fitness and lifestyle goals.

So after that decade of experience here are the five most critical elements to finally making 2023 your year. 

First you need to review the previous year’s wins and lessons.

Here are some important questions to consider in reflecting;

What did you set out to achieve in the past year and how successful were you?

In the cases in which you succeeded, what were those wins and what do you think made them possible?

And for those goals you did not achieve where did you miss the mark?

Did your ambition outpace your effort, or in retrospect was that goal not really significant enough for you to sacrifice for it?

I suggest sitting down for 15 minutes and writing down your successes as well as unfinished goals. 

Next to each, write in one sentence what you learned or what you might do differently next time.

Second, you need to set solid goals for 2023. 

Goals should be tied to your vision or deeper why and pass the SMART test.

This means picking things that are meaningful to you and creating measurable outcomes you can work towards.

For more specifics on setting SMART goals, check out our blog on goal setting here.

Next you need to create a system of accountability in your life.

Most people fail to achieve their goals not because they don’t want them to work out but rather because they fail to take action.

This is why creating a system to work on your goals, measure progress and stay accountable is so important.

The coaches at Virtuo are pros at helping clients identify meaningful goals and then setting up a strategy to achieve them.

For help with this process book a free goal setting call with one of our coaches here.

Creating a system for goal accomplishment can be broken down into three steps.

After identifying your dream outcome and date of completion, work backwards and create check-in milestones for your goal.

Then estimate the frequency and total amount of time you will need to work on your goal each week to reach the deadline.

Book this time in your weekly calendar.

Finally share your goal with someone you respect and set up an accountability system in which they check in on progress towards your goal. 

Then surround yourself with better influences.

Behavioral science shows that people are largely a product of their environment and the company that they keep.

If you keep missing the mark year after year it might be time to analyze the people you’ve been spending time with and the way you spend your time.

If no one in your circle is achieving things similar to your goals then it’s time to expand your circle.

Look closely at people who have achieved successes similar to those you aspire to.

What are their habits?

Where do they live?

How do they spend their time and with whom?

Success leaves clues, so apply these lessons to your current situation and make a commitment to change accordingly.

You’d be surprised how much faster you move when surrounded with the right influences. 

Finally sweep the rug out from under yourself. 

2020 and 2022 have been the two most impactful years in my professional life.

While there are a myriad of reasons for this, one stands out.

In both cases I took a big risk that forced a lot of change.

There are two ways to grow.

You can either reverse engineer the result and work on achieving it step by step.

Or you can force growth by taking a dramatic action that requires constant problem solving.

In 2020 I opened my fitness studio  in the midst of the Pandemic and then in 2022 I expanded into a new location in a single month, moving the entire operation in just a weekend. 

Neither were safe bets under the circumstances. 

Instead of guessing at the skills I would need to achieve these ends and building them up until taking action I elected to take action and figure things out because I knew I wouldn’t let myself fail.

Sometimes you have to leap first and then put your parachute on as you fall.

Certain choices are catalysts for chain reactions in your life.

Deciding to move to a new part of town can spark changes in relationships, career and other areas.

Rather than focusing on many small changes, pick something really big you want to change that will require small changes tos survive.

It’s even better if it’s something you can’t go back from like investing in a business or moving to a new city. 

Summing it up.

Too many people live the same year over and over.

They may make small changes here or there, but year after year their ultimate ambitions go unsatisfied. 

That’s because change is hard.

But not as hard as the regret of wasting your most valuable resource; time. 

Given the evidence we have, you only get one shot at life and using that time for anything less than your deepest dreams and desires is a waste of a precious gift. 

So in 2023 please do yourself a favor and using the steps above, truly make this your year!

For more help on establishing a healthy lifestyle in 2023 make sure to book a free session with one of Virtuo’s master coaches. 

This free session will help you get 100% dialed in on your goals and give you a personalized version of the exact process listed above that’s tailored to your goal.

We do this for at no charge because we believe that education like this should be free.

If after we’ve taken you through the process and you’re interested in working with us then we’re happy to share what that looks like but there is no sale and no pressure.

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Thanks as always for your time!

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