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How To Lose 27 lbs And Be $10,000 Richer Next Year

How To Lose 27 lbs And Be $10,000 Richer Next Year

Almost everyone want’s less fat and more money right?

Check out how you can do both with the same habit…

I’m a big fan of win wins and this might be the all time WIN.

This hack could help you lose over 27 lbs and save you $10,000 in the process.

Keep reading to find out how to get the two things all people really want.

All humans crave two things, status and security.Good health gives us status through the admiration of others and the sense of security we’ll hang around for a while.

Money similarly give us a sense of security from want and status in terms of the opportunities it creates.

Unfortunately, health and wealth are the two biggest areas of stress for most people.

But there’s a way to solve both with one step…Here’s how money and fitness are alike.

If you spend too much you go into debt. If you eat too much you gain fat.

In both cases overconsumption causes problems.It’s really that simple.

The good news is that the behavior that keeps you fit is also the behavior that builds your wealth.

And I’ve found a secret trick to make that happen.

Check this out..

There’s an app called Qapital (I have no affiliation) that allows you to automate your savings.

And inside the app is a cool feature that syncs its auto saving feature to apple health or Fitbit’s step tracker.

So….when you walk (as you should daily to the turn of 10k steps) the app will automatically move a set amount of money into a fund of your choosing.

To leverage one of the powerful habit-building strategies I use with all my clients I’ve attached this to a related goal.

Who doesn’t want to save money for vacation while getting their body ready for it?

Now I’ve set the action to $5 a day but I‘m putting down the gauntlet of 10k for 10k.

Who’s down to put up $27 per daily 10k steps for 365 days?

That’s $10,000 and I’ll bet nearly if not more lbs lost in the process. Here’s how it works.

You’ll strive to hit the step goal because it’s tied to a large reward and you’ll adapt your spending (most likely cutting out bad food) to allow for the daily savings.

Using the consistency principle, your other daily behaviors will begin to align with your new walking on savings habit.

So don’t be surprised if your diet improves too.

This is what we at Vituo call the virtuous cycle.

Whether you like to go big or just want to pick up your walking and start up a savings routine, the most important thing is this.

1. The only better day to start than today was yesterday.

2. How you do one things is how you do everything so the sooner you build good habits the sooner you’ll build your body and your wealth.

As always, take care of your body, feed your mind and go after your dreams. 

P.s. I wrote this while getting those steps in!



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