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How Semi-private training changed a busy Los Angeles mom’s life

Here’s the story….

When Kelly first showed up at Virtuo for her no sweat intro, the first thing I noticed was how simultaneously tired and frantic she looked.

She had burst through the door 10 minutes late, half in gym clothes and half in work clothes toting two bags while texting and apologizing for being late.

It took a full five minutes before she could fully disengage enough to start our session.

She looked exhausted so I encouraged her to take a breath before we began.

And then I asked the question I always ask new clients “What would you like to change?”

Then she started to share.

She told me how she was a mom of two, an attorney who worked 60 hour weeks and also a a former college soccer player who really missed the body that had brought her so much confidence in the past.
She shared how after having her daughter it had taken her body way longer to bounce back and how she had been throwing herself into bootcamps classes for over a year hoping for change.
She appreciated the socializing in class but had only lost a few pounds after going to class 5 nights a week and was starting to feel like it was all pointless.

Worst of all and old knee injury from college had sprung up and she was having to miss several days a week to give it a rest.

She felt like she was doing everything she possibly could (even giving up bread) and still didn’t see any results.
With a look of exasperation she asked me “what am I doing wrong?”
I reassured her that she wasn’t doing anything wrong, she just wasn’t working a system for her.

I explained that everyone’s body is different and the body we have now might not be the body we had 15 years ago meaning that what we did then won’t necessarily work now.
I told her that one of the big problems with her cutting out foods and trying to constantly exercise is that it didn’t take into account the stress being brought on in the other areas of her life and the fact that she needed more than just cardio to build the body she wanted.
She looked frustrated but asked me to explain more.
I told her how exercise is a form of stress and when combined with too much other stress we can actually overexercise.
This explained why her body had stopped losing weight and why she felt so run down all the time.
I also shared that although she had cut out certain foods, overall her eating habits meant that she had very uneven energy levels throughout the day which explained why she needed so much coffee.
Ask I explained, Kelly listened and her expression softened.
She was beginning to understand that It wasn’t just about hard work, it was about the right work.

She asked me what she should do instead so I broke it down into 2 simple things she needed to work on.

1. She needed to replace her boot camp classes with a lower stress strength training regime 3x per week.

2. She needed to fuel her body for her long days by eating 3 consistent meals a day.

3. She needed to follow a personalized plan to help rehab her injured knee.

Kelly looked only half convinced and said that what I was laying out seemed too easy and that her instructors in her group classes had told her that it was all about Calories in and Calories out and that they hard she worked in class the more Calories she would burn.

Although this was in part true I shared that workouts were not really about burning Calories but should instead be targeted towards her ideal body; not something you can get in a one size fits all bootcamp.
Starting to understand why her approach hadn’t been working, Kelly asked me how I could help.
When I laid out a plan she could execute with one of our coaches she was on board except for one thing.
She spent most of her day working from home or with her kids and so the highlight of her day was often spending the hour of class with other adults.
She knew she needed the personalized approach but didn’t want give up the social element of her workouts she enjoyed so much.

That’s when I knew Kelly was going to be a great fit for our semi private program.

Whereas group fitness is all about one size fits all and one on one training is all about the highest level of attention, semi-private is perfect for people who need personalized results but also like the camaraderie of being in a group.

I told Kelly that each group of four clients with a similar goal worked with the same trainer 3 days a week.
It was like having your own team while still getting plenty of focus from the coach and program written just for her.

Not only would she work with same coach and group each time she came in but she would still have her personalized program so that she got the best of both worlds.
All the accountability of personal training but the with camaraderie of group classes to make the best hour of her day.

When she heard that, Kelly was in immediately.

And she has been ever since. In 4 months she hasn’t missed a single workout, has dropped 15 pounds and 5% body fat and is running on her knee again without pain.

Best of all she’s formed a strong bond with her fellow trainees who are also mom’s and they routinely go for coffee together after a Saturday morning workout.
Kelly is a prime example of how achieving big fitness goals comes down to finding the right system for you.
Group classes are fun they are more about the sweat and smile than real results.
Still, it is important to share experiences with others which makes semi private training such a great combination.
It’s why it’s our faster growing training program for people coming from group fitness who aren’t seeing the results they want.
If you’re interested in seeing what a program like Kelly’s would look like for you then here’s what you need to do.

Book a free no sweat intro here 👉 No Sweat Intro

One of our master coaches will help you understand exactly what you need to do to hit your goal and make it as easy as possible just like I did for Kelly.

At your service,

Brandon & The Virtuo Team



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