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Embracing Health as a Key Component of Professional Success

We recently signed up a client at Virtuo who is an entertainment executive. This guy makes decisions that literally shift what we get to watch one of the most popular streaming services. By any professional measure, he’s a massive success. But when he came in for his no-sweat intro and we started talking, he sure didn’t feel like one. Not wanting to hold anything back, he admitted he had been privately ashamed of his body for years and took steps in picking out his wardrobe to hide the way he looked.

He had been dealing with this shame for a long time, but what finally got him through the door was the fact it was beginning to affect his focus at work. He had come to realize that his health was tied to staying on top of his game.

The link between good health and high performance at work is often overlooked but we know from working with hundreds of professionals over the years that our most professionally successful clients are also our fittest and here’s why.

The Five ways being fit makes you a higher performer at work!

I. The Connection Between Health and Professional Success: Numerous studies have shown a strong correlation between physical and mental well-being and professional performance. When we neglect our health, we compromise our ability to excel in the workplace. Poor physical health can result in fatigue, decreased productivity, and increased sick days. Additionally, mental health issues, such as stress and anxiety, can hinder our decision-making abilities and hinder our career growth. On the other hand, maintaining a healthy lifestyle enhances focus, boosts energy levels, and increases job satisfaction. By prioritizing our health, we position ourselves for success.

II. Overcoming Common Mindset Blocks: Many professionals struggle with mindset blocks that prevent them from prioritizing their health. One common belief is the fear of sacrificing career progress for personal well-being. However, it’s important to recognize that neglecting health is a short-sighted approach that can lead to burnout and diminished long-term success. Another mindset block is the notion that being busy equates to success, often resulting in a neglect of self-care. It’s crucial to debunk this misconception and realize that true success encompasses a holistic approach that considers both personal and professional well-being.

III. Redefining Success: A Holistic Approach: To truly embrace health as a key component of professional success, we must redefine our understanding of what success means. It goes beyond career achievements and financial gains. Success should encompass a holistic approach that nurtures our physical, mental, and emotional well-being. By prioritizing our health, we create a solid foundation for long-term success and fulfillment in all areas of our lives. It’s not an either-or scenario but a harmonious integration of personal and professional aspirations.

IV. Setting Health Goals and Prioritizing Self-Care: To shift our mindset towards embracing health, we need to set clear health goals that align with our professional aspirations. These goals can include regular exercise routines, adopting a balanced and nutritious diet, getting enough sleep, and practicing stress management techniques. By setting specific and achievable health goals, we can create a roadmap that supports our overall success. Additionally, prioritizing self-care becomes crucial. This means carving out time for activities that rejuvenate us, such as practicing mindfulness, engaging in hobbies, and spending quality time with loved ones.

V. Cultivating Healthy Habits in the Workplace: Creating a culture of health and well-being within the workplace is vital for professionals striving for success. Employers can play a pivotal role in fostering supportive environments that encourage healthy habits. Initiatives such as flexible work hours, standing desks, wellness programs, and mental health support can significantly impact employees’ overall well-being. As individuals, we can integrate movement breaks into our work routine, prioritize healthy eating habits, and practice stress management techniques during work hours. By cultivating these healthy habits in the workplace, we can enhance our productivity, creativity, and job satisfaction.

You should look and feel as successful as you are!

If you’re a busy professional who’s health has been put on the back burner then we want to help!

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