Your diet is about to take a nosedive over the next few weeks, but luckily there’s something you can do to prevent it

Holiday party season is once again upon us and if you’re not careful, another event full of yuletide cheer might just throw off the diet you’ve been trying so hard to keep on track.

Free-flowing alcohol, high stress and unlimited food can make these events challenging, but there is hope

Read on to see how to navigate this time of year with your waistline and your sanity intact

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During this time of year, our clients both in Los Angeles and in our online training program are invited to numerous holiday parties for work as well as time with friends and family and inevitably these events can spell disaster for someone trying to stay on track with their diet.

Luckily there is hope

Like most things, sticking to a few simple guidelines will help you stay on track without being that awkward person at the party who is only eating celery. 

Here are our top 5 tips for surviving holiday party season

  1. Plan / eat ahead – If you know you have a party coming up then try to plan ahead with your meals. This can mean scoping out the menu if you’re headed to a restaurant and picking the item that best fits your goals. If you know that you might have some food outside your normal plan at the party then plan to eat lighter throughout the day. If you’re concerned about going off the deep end, then plan ahead prior to going to the party and stick to a few drinks while you’re there. 

  1. Limit your drinks – Alcohol lowers inhibitions and can lead to bad food choices, so we suggest sticking to no more than 2 drinks at these types of events. Besides being 7 calories per gram, alcohol can have a negative impact on your decision making when it comes to food and comments to your boss, so do your diet and your employment status a favor and stick to only a few drinks. 

  1. Eat and mingle like a human – Standing next to the buffet table stuffing your face is never a good look, especially around the people you have to face the next day at work. We suggest the “first date approach,” when it comes to eating at these type of events. Make sure to eat slowly, engage in conversation and focus on the things going on at the party that aren’t food. Eating slowly will allow you to start feeling full and showing off your manners might actually impress that coworker you’ve been looking to take on a date. 

  1. Stick to the one plate rule – Our guess is that you wouldn’t put down 3 plates of food when at home, so why does it become acceptable when in public? We understand that the unlimited supply of holiday goodies can be tempting, but stay on track by limiting yourself to a regular serving. When in doubt, use the hand measuring method to estimate portions on your plate. (A palm sized serving of protein, a fist sized serving of carbs and 1-2 first sized servings of veggies)

  1. Have some of the good stuff – We suggest indulging without overindulging. We’ve found with our most successful weight loss clients that it’s important to eat foods that they enjoy in moderation. So at the party have a cookie but don’t have 5, and have some pizza, but don’t eat the whole pie. It’s OK to eat things you wouldn’t normally include in your diet, just don’t let things run wild. 

Sticking to these simple-to-follow tips will go a long way to ensuring that your diet doesn’t take a nosedive this holiday season. 

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Happy holidays from the Virtuo Team!

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