Convenience may be the single greatest factor people consider when picking an approach to losing weight and getting in shape.

People are busier than ever, and the commute to the gym is just something many don’t have time for.

This factor above all else has led to the rise of home fitness solutions such as the Peloton bike and its at-home spin classes.

Many business professionals have invested thousands of dollars into the bike, accompanying apparel, and monthly subscription classes with the hopes of dropping those hard-to-lose pounds.

But months later and not so many pounds lost, the Peloton becomes, like many home fitness machines before it, an expensive clothes rack. 

So what gives?

Why doesn’t this stylish machine deliver on it’s promise of fitness on-demand with the results to boot?

Here are the 5 reasons the Peloton is not the answer to your fat loss goal and what simple and time conscious steps you can take instead to get results 

  1. Cardio is not the answer – Fat loss is a complex process and requires more than just burning endless Calories. What works for one person may cause weight gain for another. An effective fat loss plan includes resistance training to build and maintain lean muscle tissue as well as cardio. 

Virtuo Tip- Make sure to incorporate 2-3 sessions of resistance training per week.

  1. Workouts alone are not enough There’s not enough time in the day to out-train a bad diet and no amount of workouts will undo the damage you can cause with poor food chices. Abs aren’t exactly made in the kitchen, but the sentiment isn’t far off reality. Weight loss occurs when consistent exercise meets a structured nutritional approach. 

Virtuo Tip- Maintain a consistent Caloric deficit, track your food and weigh in regularly to see results. 

  1. No one is holding you accountable – Home workouts sound great in theory, but the pull of the couch and the fridge after a long day are often too hard to pass up and over time workout consistency can dwindle down to almost nothing. Those fancy Peloton instructors won’t be showing up to make sure you workout, so it will all come down to you. 

Virtuo Tip- Instead try working with a trainer or other fitness professional to hold you accountable and make sure the work gets done. We might be biased, but we think the trainers at Virtuo are masters at holding you accountable to your goals. 

  1. There is no “one way” – Weight loss is a complicated process and requires a multifaceted approach. The Peloton or other exercise options can form one part of a larger strategy, but should not be the sum total of your approach. 

Virtuo Tip-Try incorporating multiple types of exercise along with a sustainable nutrition program to see actual results in pursuit of your weight loss goals.

Try starting with a free planning session with one of our master trainers to better understand the approach that would work best for you by clicking the button below 👇

  1. One size fits all never works – Group workouts and internet coaches can be great inspiration, but their one size fits all plans were not written for you and will not get you the best results. What is true for your suit is true for your workout program. Off this shelf isn’t the same as custom made! 

Virtuo Tip – Take the time to research and find a custom built program or plan created for you by a qualified fitness professional that is tailored to your goals and your needs. 

While the Peloton is a great tool for fitness, it is just that. Just as an Apple Watch won’t make you thin or an Equinox membership won’t make good choices for you, the Peloton should only be one tool in a larger approach to fitness. 
Come up with a plan that includes our tips above and make sure you have someone to help you stay accountable along the way.

The good news is that you already know your goal, the next step is just making sure that it happens! 

If you’re frustrated with the lack of results you’re getting from your current fat loss approach then we want to help!

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