New York can say what it wants, but LA is the most stylish city in the U.S. and also happens to be the fittest.

Angelenos flaunt their abs as much as their designer clothes and luxury cars. 

From Runyon to Muscle Beach, people treat looking good like a prerequisite to live in the city, and the pass for admission is earned with sweat and kale smoothies. 

This is a city in which fitness and health are synonymous with style. 

And nothing says style, status and “I’ve made it,” more than having your own personal trainer. 

Here are the five reasons you MUST have a trainer if you want to be part of the LA scene. 

  1. All the famous people are doing it – From the Rock to Justin Bieber, every celebrity and their mom has a trainer who helps them look their best. So whether you want to flaunt your abs on the beach in Santa Monica or go out in style in Weho, you’re going to want a trainer in your corner to help you look your best. 
  1. Trainers work on your schedule – Let’s face it, you’re busy. Between lunch meetings and late nights, your schedule is packed, so you need fitness that works on your schedule. Having a trainer means having a professional that works on your time.
  1. Exclusivity means sweating in privacy – There’s nothing worse than having to show your workout face to a room full of strangers. Most gyms are packed and worse yet packed with people trying to get your number or steal your weights. On the other hand, working with a trainer in a private setting like Virtuo means the space is yours and you’re the star. 
  1. Personalization means results – You’ve tried Barry’s, Orange Theory and Soul Cycle, but they all just feel so generic. Personal training really does mean personal and there’s no better feeling than having the red carpet of fitness rolled out just for you. Personalized workouts mean premium results!
  1. Only the Best, for the best – In the immutable words of Terrel Owens, “Look good, play good” and this extends from the boardroom to the beach and back to your swanky rooftop hangout. LA is a city that treats itself, so why not treat yourself to the luxury of a private trainer that gets results you’ll be proud to show off?

If you’re not already convinced, consider this. Los Angeles is the fitness capital of the world. The beaches and sunshine come naturally, but the beautiful people came courtesy of having the right personal training in their corner.

Still don’t believe me?

Why not come see how it feels to be treated to the luxury model of the fitness world?

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