Let’s be honest, the fitness industry is a mess. If the amount of money companies spent on marketing went more to helping clients and less to attracting new ones then there would be a lot more fit people running around.

The problem is that fitness companies, and gyms for that matter, feel the only way to stay relevant is to add to the noise with new gimmicks, magic supplements and the allure of technology.

It all feels so impersonal.

I contend that the antidote to the problem is actually the oldest service the industry has ever created; personal training.

At its core, personal training and now online personal training is about one fitness professional forging a relationship with a client to help them reach their goals.

The relationship between trainer and client is key.

A trainer knows not only their goals and struggles but more importantly the deep “why” behind the reason they sought help in the first place.

As a fitness consumer for the past 20 years and fitness professional for the last 10, If you really want to lose weight, build muscle or transform your health then you need to personalize your approach by hiring a professional. 

And if you aren’t already convinced, here are 5 reasons why you should hire a trainer to make your fitness dreams a reality.

  1. Expert knowledge – For every article on the internet claiming to have finally uncovered the secret for weight loss there’s another claiming the exact opposite approach is the way to go. Having a fitness professional at your disposal to sort out the mess can save you the mistake of going down the wrong path. 
  1. Safety – Nearly half a million Americans will be injured working out this year, don’t be one of them. Having a trainer to guide you and teach proper movement mechanics will not only prevent injuries, but improve results.
  1. Accountability – We humans are strange. We’ll fail ourselves a thousand times when it comes to sticking to a diet or workout program, but when we know someone else is watching, we’ll count every Calorie and run every last mile to make sure we don’t let them down. 
  1. Results – As much fun as working out can be, the reason you sweat and struggle has to be tied to a larger outcome. Having a trainer means having someone to help you set realistic fitness goals and then help you stay on track. If you want to make real progress then you need to have an expert who knows how to set you on the right path. 
  1. Personalization / Adaptability – In an industry that treats gym members like numbers, hiring a trainer means getting a personalized plan with someone at the helm that can adapt it as needed. Too often people miss the mark when it comes to their goals when life throws them a curveball. A trainer will be able to adapt your program to changing circumstances and keep you on track now matter what life throws your way. 

In an era in which new and shiny often distracts from the tried and true, what once was known has become lost in the shuffle of at-home workouts and shiny wearable fitness tech. 

But if you’re sick of getting treated like a number or feel lost in the deluge of online fitness information then perhaps it’s time you turned to the oldest and best way to get fit, personal training. 

Chances are you’ll finally hit those long distant goals and you might even find yourself enjoying the process along the way. 

Meet the Author, Brandon Sundwall

Brandon has been involved in the fitness industry for over a decade and in that time has helped hundreds of clients lose thousands of pounds and gain a new perspective on life.

His passion is helping busy professionals improve their fitness so they can be better at everything else they do in their lives.

He currently resides in Los Angeles, training clients at his private studio in West Hollywood and online through his nutrition coaching company, Virtuo.