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As an entrepreneur and life-long fitness enthusiast, I have a deep understanding of the intersection of personal health and career success. As I progressed in my career in the fitness industry I was frustrated by the profit-first model of many gyms and trainers. I looked around for a place that could bridge the gap between physical health and professional success that would treat each person as an individual rather than a number on a spreadsheet.

Find nothing like that in the fitness industry I formed Virtuo with the mission of helping people take control of their physical health and mindset so they can win in their careers and personal lives. Virtuo’s mission is based on the values of relationship, integrity, growth and exceeding expectations. By focusing on these core tenants through the power of relationship-based coaching we are better than anyone in the world at making the connection between personal health and personal achievement for our clients. I not only created Virtuo but am a client myself and the success I have achieved is based on the principles we deliver to our clients. People deserve to live healthy fulfilled lives. We help them get there.

Eric coach at Virtuo Fitness



Fitness has been a serious part of Coach Eric’s life since his senior year of high school. He had been told he was overweight for the majority of his life, leading him to search for something to make a change. Luckily, he was given the opportunity to take Crossfit classes during his senior year of high school, immediately got to work on it and realized he wanted to become a trainer.

Since then, he has worked with a variety of people ranging from high schoolers to firefighters, educating them both on exercise and nutrition. Coach Eric is very well known by his clients for having an exceptional take towards nutrition, most notably his programs that allow people to improve their health while allowing them to enjoy the food that they eat.

Referred to as the “Paleo Pimp” by some of his clients, Eric has made waves in his clients’ lives with his detailed and effective nutrition plans. During his time as a fitness expert, Coach Eric says that his proudest moments come when his clients have what he would call an “aha” moment, referring to the moment in time a client realizes they have made significant progress towards a goal they had. He says nothing fills him with more joy than to see someone feel the happiness that comes with the results they’ve been working for.

Coach Eric says fun facts about him include the fact that although he is very strong, he considers himself very uncoordinated and without the ability to swim. However, along with his vulnerability to water, he claims to also be vulnerable to donuts, his favorite cheat food.

Though he may not have a future as a lifeguard, he has plenty of credentials that speak for his ability to change lives through fitness that include: his Level 1 Crossfit credential, an EMT license, and an associate’s degree in Fire Science and Technology to name a few.

With a resume like that, the sky’s the limit for Coach Eric and whichever clients have the pleasure of working with him.

Keith coach at Virtuo Fitness



Keith’s fitness journey started as a young athlete playing football for Pop Warner, high school, and college along with experience in track and field and basketball. He not only gained experience in an active lifestyle, but used his positions in the sports he played to enhance his command and leadership skills in a fitness setting.

Any client of Keith’s will tell you that a session with him will include high energy, loud singing, and masterful DJ skills, all accompanied by a workout designed to bring the best out of his clients.

Apart from the effort he puts in the gym, Keith takes pride in his sobriety, his family, and the effort he puts into maintaining all the aspects of his life he is passionate about. Training people is a natural calling for Keith, helping him fulfill a desire to help others improve themselves in their movement, self-esteem, and overall well-being.

A couple of fun facts unique to Keith include his ability to not only sing with energy but with skill, adding to the experience of being trained by him where clients not only receive a great workout but perhaps a live concert as well.

Other trainers as Virtuo can tell you that Keith is second to none in his nutrition and meal prep, however, he will treat himself occasionally to bacon-and-egg filled breakfasts that include heaps of hash browns and steak.

Along with some qualifications for rock stardom, Keith sports a Level 1 Crossfit credential, a Precision Nutrition Certification, and other credentials in programming and corrective exercise. Any client in Keith’s hands is in good hands.



My passion for training started as a high school athlete and has grown ever since. I noticed the changes in my body as I started to work out for the first time and was hooked. It was empowering to know that the more I learned and the harder I worked the more progress I would see. I was hooked!

My favorite part about being a trainer is the new people I meet. It’s so nice to meet people from all walks of life and what I have found the most fun thing when it comes to personal training is educating clients on the importance of all fitness aspects such as flexibility, strength training, and mobility. I feel that it’s a great way to know and understand the process for my clients on what and why we do things and it creates a fun learning environment in addition to a fun great session already!

I specialize in strength training and corrective exercise. During my previous role as a physical therapist assistant, I helped people recover from injury to return to full function. I bring that same level of detail to my current training.

My clients would say about is that I’m attentive to their needs and checking in with them on what I can do to better their experience when training with me and that I’m great in effectively communicating to them what and why we do things in addition to reaching their goals. My clients would also say that I’m a fun, chill, outgoing trainer who plays great music, and recommends great coffee shops and restaurants!

My purpose when it comes to training is to really emphasize the importance of your physical well-being and because I have served in the rehab settings for over 5 years both in college and post-college and everyone one of my clients has always stressed to me: “Some of these things where preventative if I had done something earlier” and because of it I have made it my mission to always address the importance of listening to your body and know you can do something about it and in which, will make you feel better and your body will thank you for it in the future.

Professional credentials

B.S. of Exercise Science and Applied Fitness CSUN 2019
NASM CPT- Taking exam by the end of the month



For Jonny, being active was a norm of life growing up. He played football, performed in track and field in high school, and played basketball on a daily basis with the neighborhood kids he grew up with. However, unable to play collegiate sports, Jonny found himself at a crossroads.

He spent time in martial arts and soon found a love in CrossFit, becoming skilled and eventually took on coaching. After a few years he found that personal training was the next step in his fitness career and began work here at Virtuo and has worked his clients one on one ever since.

Jonny’s clients can tell you he brings a welcoming and engaging presence, a workout that is intentional in helping his clients pursue their goals, and an overall fun experience of conversation and possible rock music. Jonny takes a lot of pride in his efforts towards his clients as well as his willingness to take on any challenges presented to him.

A strong family oriented persona and ability to make a person feel good about themselves are things Jonny is proud of, knowing he can use those traits to make any client’s experience enjoyable. Fun facts about Jonny include his skill at playing guitar and singing, being an obsessive Philadelphia Eagles fan, and enjoying Nintendo games.

He has taken great strides in his focus on nutrition but will still enjoy his favorite cheat meals and will often challenge his clients to point him in the direction of their favorite hamburger restaurants for him to try.

Along with a rock star persona, Jonny sports a Pain Free Performance Specialist Certification, a Level 1 Crossfit Credential, and a Precision Nutrition Certification. These along with 5+ years of training experience are certain to make any client’s experience with Jonny a positive one.



Gilbert is a strength, mobility and movement specialist of 20 years. A graduate of Bryan Universities Exercise Science program and holds certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Functional Movement Screen and Kettlebell Athletics respectively.

From coaching children and adolescents in sports (baseball, football, basketball, golf and tennis) to the design, prescription, and implementation of science based rehabilitation and strengthening programs for adults and seniors.

He is an avid Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner and enjoys surfing, reading and nerding out on comic books.


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