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Brandon owner of Virtuo Fitness



As an entrepreneur and life-long fitness enthusiast, I have a deep understanding of the intersection of personal health and career success. As I progressed in my career in the fitness industry I was frustrated by the profit-first model of many gyms and trainers. I looked around for a place that could bridge the gap between physical health and professional success that would treat each person as an individual rather than a number on a spreadsheet.

Find nothing like that in the fitness industry I formed Virtuo with the mission of helping people take control of their physical health and mindset so they can win in their careers and personal lives. Virtuo’s mission is based on the values of relationship, integrity, growth and exceeding expectations. By focusing on these core tenants through the power of relationship-based coaching we are better than anyone in the world at making the connection between personal health and personal achievement for our clients. I not only created Virtuo but am a client myself and the success I have achieved is based on the principles we deliver to our clients. People deserve to live healthy fulfilled lives. We help them get there.

Keith coach at Virtuo Fitness



Keith’s fitness journey started as a young athlete playing football for Pop Warner, high school, and college along with experience in track and field and basketball. He not only gained experience in an active lifestyle, but used his positions in the sports he played to enhance his command and leadership skills in a fitness setting.

Any client of Keith’s will tell you that a session with him will include high energy, loud singing, and masterful DJ skills, all accompanied by a workout designed to bring the best out of his clients.

Apart from the effort he puts in the gym, Keith takes pride in his sobriety, his family, and the effort he puts into maintaining all the aspects of his life he is passionate about. Training people is a natural calling for Keith, helping him fulfill a desire to help others improve themselves in their movement, self-esteem, and overall well-being.

A couple of fun facts unique to Keith include his ability to not only sing with energy but with skill, adding to the experience of being trained by him where clients not only receive a great workout but perhaps a live concert as well.

Other trainers as Virtuo can tell you that Keith is second to none in his nutrition and meal prep, however, he will treat himself occasionally to bacon-and-egg filled breakfasts that include heaps of hash browns and steak.

Along with some qualifications for rock stardom, Keith sports a Level 1 Crossfit credential, a Precision Nutrition Certification, and other credentials in programming and corrective exercise. Any client in Keith’s hands is in good hands.



For Jonny, being active was a norm of life growing up. He played football, performed in track and field in high school, and played basketball on a daily basis with the neighborhood kids he grew up with. However, unable to play collegiate sports, Jonny found himself at a crossroads.

He spent time in martial arts and soon found a love in CrossFit, becoming skilled and eventually took on coaching. After a few years he found that personal training was the next step in his fitness career and began work here at Virtuo and has worked his clients one on one ever since.

Jonny’s clients can tell you he brings a welcoming and engaging presence, a workout that is intentional in helping his clients pursue their goals, and an overall fun experience of conversation and possible rock music. Jonny takes a lot of pride in his efforts towards his clients as well as his willingness to take on any challenges presented to him.

A strong family oriented persona and ability to make a person feel good about themselves are things Jonny is proud of, knowing he can use those traits to make any client’s experience enjoyable. Fun facts about Jonny include his skill at playing guitar and singing, being an obsessive Philadelphia Eagles fan, and enjoying Nintendo games.

He has taken great strides in his focus on nutrition but will still enjoy his favorite cheat meals and will often challenge his clients to point him in the direction of their favorite hamburger restaurants for him to try.

Along with a rock star persona, Jonny sports a Pain Free Performance Specialist Certification, a Level 1 Crossfit Credential, and a Precision Nutrition Certification. These along with 5+ years of training experience are certain to make any client’s experience with Jonny a positive one.


Client success manager

My role as a client success specialist is to give the best quality service so that clients have a stress-free experience from the moment they reach out to us to the moment they become lifelong members. It’s my goal to make sure that Virtuo is the best and last gym our clients ever need to be a member of.

I’ve always been into sports, and for me there is no better way to de-stress than to go out and exercise, whether it’s playing soccer or lifting weights or just activating my body. I had the opportunity to play soccer in college at a more competitive level and from there I made it a point to always be in sports whether it be in any area. I’m currently in school for physical therapy and helping others with their health is my passion.

The philosophy I bring into my role is that people deserve to have the best hour of their day each time they set foot in the gym and beyond. To that end, I pride myself on providing the best possible customer service.

A fun fact about me soccer fascinates me, but at the same time, it’s the thing that gives me the most grief. I always tell myself that I’ll watch a game to relax and I end up more stressed than when I started watching it. I love watching it almost as much as I enjoyed playing it!



Growing up as a self-proclaimed tomboy, Sarita has loved sports and fitness from a young age. Participating in volleyball, basketball, and competitive cheerleading throughout her adolescence. After moving to Chicago, she soon found CrossFit and fell in love with weightlifting and fitness all over again. It wasn’t until she moved to LA that she began coaching and met Keith, who introduced her to Virtuo and their special mission.

Over the last ten years, she has worked in education as a Physical Education teacher and coach. She has coached many young athletes over the years and looks forward to bringing her knowledge and skill in educating others on the benefits of health and wellness to her clients.

A few fun facts about Sarita, she has completed many endurance races, including half and full marathons and Sprint and Olympic triathlons. She loves Beyonce, and being from Chicago is a part of her personality. Although she is very active, she instead not go hiking. While she has come a long way in her nutrition journey, she’s always down for chicken wings.

Sarita has a Bachelor’s in Kinesiology with a Minor in Nutrition and a Master’s in Coaching and Exercise Science, along with a Level CrossFit 1 Certification.


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