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5 Tips for Getting Back in Shape After Summer Break

Feeling a little “fluffy” after a few months of vacation and BBQ’s?

Summer is a time to unwind, hit the beach and let your diet and gym time slip.

But now it’s back to regular work hours, the kids are back in school and the bathing suit that fit so well back in June isn’t flattering anymore.

There’s a lot of reasons why you might have gained some weight over the summer:

  • A “vacation mode” mentality in which you let discipline slip
  • A disruption in your normal routine caused by travel or change in work schedule
  • Consumption of higher Calorie foods at BBQ’s and other events.
  • Longer days mean longer eating windows which means more Calories.

Luckily the end of summer marks a natural transition to build back a winning routine and reclaim the body you had back in the Spring.

Or better yet start working now on the dream body you can show off next summer!

So how do you reclaim your pre-summer body even with a return to your busy schedule?

Follow these 5 tips to get back into a routine, drop pounds and feel  like yourself again in just a few weeks.

  1. Pick a concrete goal – The jury has been in on goal setting for a long time. People that set SMART goals are much more likely to achieve them. This means picking something that is specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time constrained. This means losing 20 pounds by November to show off your hard work at your family Thanksgiving is a much better goal than “I want to lose some weight.” Along with outcome goals like the losing 20 pounds, make sure to set behavior goals like getting to the gym three times a week to get you there along the way.

For more help with goal setting, book a FREE strategy session with one of our coaches who will help you identity a realistic outcome and outline the exact steps you need to take to reach it. Click here to book your session. 

  1. Seek Guidance – You wouldn’t try to fix the transmission in your car yourself, you’d hire a mechanic. So when it comes to something as important as your body, why would you try and go it alone? Hiring a coach or trainer will help put your goal in the hands of an expert. A good coach will help you set your SMART goal, outline a routine that fits with your schedule and most importantly keep you on track when things get tough. Trying to reach a fitness goal on your own is like taking on a second job that you know nothing about. You’re almost guaranteed to fail. On the other hand, hiring a coach is like having in an expert teacher, assistant to handle stuff you don’t have time for and motivator to make sure you can’t fail at your disposal.

If you’re serious about getting your pre summer body back, then guarantee results and hire a coach.

  1. Try Something Fresh – We humans crave novelty. Even though consistency is one of the keys to creating change, if you get too bored you’ll stop doing the work. To combat this, insert novelty into your routine in the form of different types of workouts and a variety of healthy meals. The more variety in your plan, the more likely you are to stick with it. 

For free examples of workouts and healthy meals you can put into practice right now, make sure to join our free Facebook group by clicking here and checking out the guides section.

  1. Set Milestones – Only Buddhist monks can handle the ambiguity of a lifelong pursuit withoutever reaching the end. So for us mere mortals it’s important to set milestones along the way to keep ourselves motivated. Our in house behavior coach reccomoneds setting weekly and monthly milestones to shoot for.For example, if your goal is to lose 20 pounds over the course of 3 months then you can start by setting a weekly milestone of losing 1 ½ lbs per week. Another milestone along the path could be losing 10 pounds within the first 6 weeks. To reinforce behavior you can also set a goal to get to the gym 3 times per week and mark these off on a calender. This “small steps” approach helps our short term emotional brain stay engaged so we can reach our higher order long term goals.
  1. Declare Your Intentions – The evidence is clear that when you tell someone you respect that you’re going to do something then you are much more likely to follow through. This is because humans are social creatures and we need to be seen as trustworthy in order to interact with others. When you identify your goal, make sure to write it down and then share it with 1-2 people in your life who you really respect. You won’t want to lose face with someone whose respect you value. 

The most important thing to do when setting out to reclaim your pre-summer routine is to drop the guilt. 

No one expects you to be “on” all year. It’s natural for patterns and behaviors to shift throughout the year and it is important to enjoy life outside the gym as well.

In order to shift that pattern once again with a renewed focus, follow the tips listed above.

And if you are serious about building a winning routine, dropping stubborn weight and having more energy than you’ve had in years, book a free strategy session with one of our coaches.

In the session the coach will:

  • Identify exactly what behaviors and patterns of thought have been holding you back
  • Help you establish your dream goal using the SMART method
  • Outline an easy to follow 3-step plan for you to reach that goal

Whether clients choose to work with us or not, they walk out of the strategy session with all the tools they need to be successful. 

Book your Free Strategy session here!



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