10 Ways You Are Sabotaging Your Success

*Inspired by “Set For Life” by Scott Trench

There are few greater tragedies in life than wasted potential, but each day you are taking small steps to NOT achieve your goals.

That’s right, you are your own worst enemy!

For the most part, you’re not even aware you’re taking steps away from what you want, but each of the small habits listed below is in the wrong direction from greater health, happiness, and freedom.

The good news is that each of the habits below is easily replaced with something aligned with your fitness, financial or relationship goals.

Read on to see what’s been wasting your time and what you can do instead.

Note: While this list is not exhaustive and not all may apply to you, generally replacing even half of the habits listed below will have a profound impact on your success over time.

I am in no way advocating that you eliminate all fun from your life and become a worker drone, but upon closer examination, you may find that many of these habits are simply escapes rather than genuinely enjoyable activities.

Good things whether food, money or relationships are best enjoyed in moderation.

  1. Too much TV / Streaming – The average American watches 2.8 hours of TV per day. While watching a few episodes of your favorite show each week is fine, the 60 hours a month of mindless consumption could be replaced with books, podcasts, time with friends or building your next big thing.
  2. Sports Watching or Gossip – Consuming yourself with the dramas of people who know and care nothing about you is not helping you move any closer to your goals. Cut the sports, reality tv, and gossip blogs to an hour or less per week.
  3. Eating Out – Foodie culture is alive and well and there is nothing wrong with enjoying a meal out here and there. Dining out multiple times a week though will do nothing for your wallet, your waistline, or your sense of discipline. Save meals out for something actually worth it and use the time at home to become a master chef!
  4. Social Media – Other than TV there may be no greater drain than mindless scrolling which has been shown to reduce self-esteem for many. Hide your social apps from your home screen and make it a habit to reach for a book when you’re bored next time. 
  5. Needless Shopping – Despite the message of consumer culture, more stuff does not actually make you happier and the pursuit of the new is costing you money and possibly keeping you working more than you like. Treat your spending like you treat your diet and trim the fat. You’ll find you can get by on a lot less than you think and you’ll have more money left over for things that matter to you on a deeper level. 
  1. Surrounding Yourself With the Wrong people – As the saying goes, we are the sum of the 5 people we spend the most time with so choose your inner circle carefully. If you are the smartest, most responsible or most driven of your friends, it might be time to upgrade your compatriots.
  2. Negative Thinking – The human brain is geared towards pessimism as survival adaptation, but getting caught in negative loops will do you no favors. When you catch yourself in negative thought patterns jot down a positive counterpoint in your phone or simply think it to yourself. (Negative – I was late to work / Positive – Even though I woke up 30 minutes late I was only 5 minutes late to work)
  3. Irregular Routines – Predictable patterns of behavior lead to predictable results, so if you’re not nailing your daily schedule you’re missing out on an easy productivity hack. Start by focusing on waking up and going to bed at the same time each day. This simple step will help align the rest of your daily schedule.
  4. FOMO – With the proliferation of social media it’s easy to feel like you’re missing out on the next big event or idea, but spreading yourself too thin will be a drain on your finances, productivity, and long-term success. It is better to do a few things tremendously well than several things only marginally well. For any given period of time pick a few things to focus on in each category in your life and focus on being fully present with them. When completed choose the next focus and repeat rather than bouncing from one unfinished idea to the next. 
  5. Seeking Comfort – Growth is found at the margins of the ability which means that if you want to move forward you’re going to have to get comfortable being uncomfortable. Reflect daily to make sure you are making progress towards your goals and embrace the moments of discomfort. Pick one activity a month that gives you pause and lean into it to help patter this behavior. (Hello sky diving!)

There is a saying in real estate that land is the only thing they aren’t making any more of, although Dubai has proven that false.

The truly most scarce resource is your time; your precious life. The way that you spend that time should always be your choice and since each moment passed is one you will never get back, why not spend it doing the things that truly matter to you. 

To help identify what you truly want, clear away limiting habits and actually achieve your biggest goals start by booking a free strategy session with one of our coaches by clicking here.



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